"The Amazing Race" is, in my opinion, the best reality game on TV today. It is 100% merit-based: you win or lose based on how well you did, not on how much the other players like you. If you are fast, clever and resourceful, then you might just take home the million dollars.

Other websites recap the entire episodes and all the drama, so this site will not. (For the best of the best, you need to visit Television Without Pity, during the Miss Alli era. Although the recent ones aren't bad either.) Instead, here you will find the courses for each race, along with maps and websites for the places visited by the teams. (And the occasional commentary, because who can resist?) Maps are grabbed off many different sites, and Google Earth. In all cases, the locations listed are, as best I can tell, the ones visited on the show. (I know of several tasks that were cut from the final broadcasts completely.) Some editing may have occurred—most often this consists of adding an attribution for the site where I found the map, labels for relevant locations, and less often, cutting large pics down for size (or converting inappropriately .jpg'd files to .gifs).

Those of you who already know the show well can link to the race courses here:

The First Race The Southern Race The Animal Race The Vicious Circle The Intense Race Emphasis on Europe The Turn-About Race Family Edition Search for a Million
The Backwards Race The All-Star Edition The Generation Gap Race The Stupid Race The Northern Race The Urban Race The Musical Race The Ladies' Race
Unfinished Business Edition The Underdog Race The World Tour of Duty The Double Down Race The Presidential Race The Pennant Race Heroes & Villains & Villains The Jubilee Race The Showmance Race
The Canadian Race The Over-the-Border Race

For everyone else, follow this link.